Germany’s first official online casino launched

The first official on-line Casino of Germany is started

In Schleswig-Holstein opens the first legal online casino.

On-line casino is called the first official on-line Casino of Germany. Since April, adults in Schleswig-Holstein can legally participate in online gambling*.

This is made possible by the law on the reorganization of gambling, which was passed in Schleswig-Holstein in October 2023. This gives the northernmost German state a real unique selling point. The other federal states have spoken out unanimously against the liberalization of gambling. Thus Schleswig-Holstein has become something like the “Las Vegas of Germany”.

That the state must move is an open secret. According to estimates, around three million Internet users in Germany alone wager up to 1.5 billion euros a month with illegal online gambling providers. This business, which obviously cannot be prevented even by prohibitions, over legal domestic betting game offerers to transact and in such a way a part of the conversion to secure, should actually most urgent interest of the state be. But 15 of the 16 federal states still refuse to accept this unstoppable development.

Online casino has in any case met the strict requirements of the Schleswig-Holstein regulatory authority (player protection, prevention of gambling addiction, prevention of money laundering u.a.) fulfilled and thus as the first enterprise a license received. With this they are now allowed to offer online gambling via their .de domain to offer online gambling games. The profit payment to the players is thereby nationally guaranteed.
A variety of classic casino games and modern slot machines are offered, as well as table and card games. In addition belong also different variants Roulette, video Poker plays and Casino card plays, like Baccarat or Casino Hold'em. Not all games may be played with real money, as these games are not yet subject to the gambling license and are therefore only available in free play mode.

One may be curious, how the offer of on-line Casino Germany by the players is accepted. If the turnovers should be accordingly high and also other offerers occupy the market, then that should surely awaken desires with other Lands of the Federal Republic. A country wide liberalization of the gambling might be then only a question of the time.

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