El Gordo The thickness of the Spanish Christmas lottery was drawn

El Gordo: The Spanish Christmas lottery’s fat one has been drawn

All Spain was once again out of the house. As in every year shortly before Christmas, so also in 2023 the drawing of El Gordo, the Spanish Christmas lottery was celebrated for hours live on TV, broadcast from the Teatro Real in Madrid.

And the winning number is now fixed: 03347

Whoever has this winning number for the big one (that means El Gordo in German) on his ticket is now 4 million euros richer. But only if he or she has bought a whole ticket for 200 EUR, otherwise there are only shares in the winning amount, according to the share ticket that one has bought, about a 1/10 or a 1/20 ticket.

In addition to the main winning number for El Gordo, some other winning numbers for many other cash prizes were determined.

These are the winning numbers of the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo 2023:

Number of ticket numbers Winnings per ticket number Winning numbers Description Class
1 El Gordo:
4.000.000 €
03347 One drawn ticket number 1
1 1.250.000 € 21015 One drawn ticket number 2
1 500.000 € 04211 A drawn ticket number 3
2 200.000 € 42206
Two drawn ticket numbers 4
8 60.000 € 47862
Eight drawn lottery numbers 5
2 20.000 € 03346
One number below and one number above the drawn ticket number of class 1 6
2 12.500 € 21014
One number below and one number above the drawn lot number of class 2 7
2 9.600 € 04210
One number below and one number above the drawn ticket number of class 3 8

Congratulations to all winners!

Many winners

At first sight it doesn’t look like many winners at all. But you should keep in mind that the total winnings amount to 2.4 billion euros. EUR went. Because not only one series of tickets has been sold, but 170 series of tickets. Each of the 100.000 lot numbers exists so 170 times. Therefore, there are also 170 winners for the El Gordo with 4 million. €.
And there is another special feature at El Gordo. Due to the winning classes 6, 7 and 8, even players who have missed the main prize by only one digit will win.

As a result, there is a real accumulation of winners who most likely purchased their ticket in one and the same ticket office. Thus, some villages and neighborhoods have a small glut of winners who celebrate their winnings together after the drawing of El Gordo. It will be the same again this year. The media in Spain and abroad will report on it extensively.

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