Lottery luck at the click of a mouse The NKL lottery on the Internet

Lot luck at a click? The NKL lottery on the Internet

Since 1947, it has been possible to buy NKL lottery tickets in Germany and thus to challenge one's luck a little bit. Thereby, the state lottery revenues take care of everything that is important since the foundation: the collection of the stakes, the winnings information, the winnings payment as well as the handing over of the material winnings. The only difference to the past: With the offer of tickets on the Internet, the NKL lottery has also arrived in the new age.

How the NKL lottery works?

Actually, the principle of the NKL lottery is quite simple: a lottery is divided into six classes, each of which is played for one month – so this means that a lottery runs for six months. Started is always on 1. April as well as on 1. October. Thereby the winning amounts and the number of winnings increase from class to class, generally you have the chance to win something every day. All you need to participate is a ticket for the NKL lottery; each of these tickets has a seven-digit winning number. When buying tickets, you can choose between whole tickets, half tickets, quarter tickets, eighth tickets and sixteenth tickets – a whole ticket costs 180 euros per class, the other tickets offered are correspondingly cheaper. In addition, it is possible to participate in the additional game Pension Joker for an extra five euros. You can also take part in the Million Joker, which costs an extra 28 euros per class for a whole ticket. The winning numbers are determined in daily draws. You can win, for example, material prizes such as cruises and cars as well as – of course – money and instant annuities. At the end of each class there is a jackpot drawing.

How to buy a lottery ticket on the Internet?

You can buy the tickets at the state lottery income meanwhile also in the Internet, as for example with NKL Boesche. At the company with a tradition of over 200 years, there is the possibility on the website to choose exactly which lot you prefer. The chance of winning is automatically indicated immediately after the selection of the respective ticket, the subsequent payment is made by direct debit, credit card or bank transfer. To the indicated ticket price, there is an additional 2.95 euros for postage when booking online.

Of course one must be at least 18 years old also with the ticket purchase in the Internet. To check the age of majority, you do not have to send in an ID, as you might fear now – this is usually done via Schufa (credit checks are not done here, however). The contract is only valid for one month. If you want to continue the contract, you have to pay the tickets on time every month. The statutory 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply here.

With a little luck, you'll hit the jackpot

Now you just need a little luck – the 133. Lottery starts by the way on 1. October 2023. You can win this time, among other things, a private island worth three million euros, one of 300 cruises of 12.000 euros, 300 tax-free extra incomes over one year of 3.000 Euro monthly or daily up to one million Euro. And maybe you'll even hit the NKL jackpot with your ticket – you can win up to 16 million euros here.
We wish you good luck!

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