So also pensioners get the 300 Euro.

So also pensioners come to the 300 euros.

With a few tricks also pensioners and others can receive the 300 EUR energy price lump sum.

The traffic light coalition has reacted the high energy prices and wants to relieve the people. Although not so real and sustainable, but a one-time payment of an energy price lump sum is to bring at least some relief. At least for a part of the population, because many humans, who must come nevertheless with the extremely risen prices for gasoline, Diesel, river, fuel oil and natural gas to master, will go out with the “Geldregen” of the Federal Government emptily. And that is so intentional. But there is a trick to get the lump sum anyway, and with very little effort.

Pensioners excluded

Unemployed people, Hartz4 recipients, self-employed people and pensioners are among the people who are not supposed to receive any relief payment or only a much lower payment. Above all the latter population group is to go out completely empty after the conceptions of the traffic light. While welfare recipients at least a lower payment of 100 resp. 200 euros are to receive, and self-employed persons over a complicated regulation to the tax advance payment can come into the benefit of the energy lump sum (at least theoretically, because z.B. many solo self-employed pay no or a much lower advance tax payment), there should be no possibility at all for pensioners to be relieved of the high energy prices. In this context, the government always refers to the planned pension increase in July this year. That has to be enough for the 21 million pensioners who are still employed.

Energy cost lump sum

According to the government's plans, all working people subject to income tax are to receive a one-time flat-rate energy allowance of 300 euros. Even marginal and short-term employees should get the money.

But this also excludes all people who are not gainfully employed. This includes pensioners, students and apprentices/interns without remuneration.

The relief lump sum is to be paid out over the salary account. Self-employed people are to receive the money via a one-off reduction in their advance income tax payment, but in practice this is more than complicated and even tax advisors can't say exactly how this is to be handled at the moment.

In September 2022, the 300 euros are expected to flow to the recipients, but they are not allowed to keep the money completely, because the flat-rate energy allowance is subject to income tax. Depending on the taxation, the state collects a more or less large portion of the lump sum again with the due tax return for 2022. The more one earns, the less of the 300 euros one is allowed to keep in the end.

Euro banknotes | Photo: bilderrampe.en

So pensioners come to the relief

Pensioners are not counted as gainfully employed persons subject to income tax, even though many of them now have to file a tax return. Therefore, they are actually excluded from the payment of the 300 euros. This has justifiably caused great unrest, as well as for all other people who are to go empty-handed, because for this group of the population the energy costs are rising just as for everyone else.

The federal government will therefore have to deal with this issue further. Because neither will the one-time payment be enough, nor can you exclude large sections of people from a relief.

But not everyone can wait for this. And so there is for pensioners – but also for other people who are actually excluded from the payment – a trick, as they also come into the benefit of the energy price flat rate. The trick is so simple that it is hard to pronounce: you have to work, and such a Generate income.

I should go back to work? As a pensioner? No, thanks.

Many will certainly think that now. But no one is talking about looking for the same 24/7 hour job. It is enough – as already mentioned above – a marginal employment, in order to come to the full 300 euro lump sum. And a marginal employment is also a one-time employment of only one day or a few hours.

The Federal Ministry of Finance says:

Prerequisite for the tax recognition of an employment relationship between relatives is, however, in any case that it is seriously agreed and actually carried out according to the agreement.

Examples of such “mini-jobs” there are many:

  • looking after the grandson
  • Walking the neighbor's dog
  • Mowing the lawn for others
  • one-time cleaning job
  • Putting up decorations or waitressing at a company party
  • Shopping for others
  • Babysitting, Rent-a-Oma
  • Read out the newspaper

So all this does not have to be a permanent job, a one-time employment is also enough. The only important thing is that this employment takes place in 2023 and that the statutory minimum wage (currently 12 EUR) is paid for it. It is best to have the salary transferred to the account, so that you have so a proof of payment of employment.

Tax return

This payment for this “Mini-Job” gives one then in the tax return for 2023 to be provided and receives the full 300 euro energy price lump sum credited and paid out by the tax office.

With a very little effort, many people who should actually go empty-handed, can still get the relief flat rate.